Welcome to New Teachers at Ardsley

Ardsley welcomes a number of new teachers to the district this year, and we are excited that so many fantastic professionals now are a part of the Ardsley Congress of Teachers.

New faculty includes:


From left to right: Christina Dold (3rd grade), Matthew Kennedy (science & engineering), Erin Dawson (music).




From left to right: Michelle Borthwick (English), Helen Canaras (English), Julia Cardo (earth science), Vittoria Stillo (Italian / Spanish), Salvatore Silvestri (science), Lisa Zimbali (guidance), Lauren Smith (special education).



From left to right: Katherine Constan (social studies), Samantha Marciano (social studies), Kristen Johannes (special education), Kaitlyn O’Flynn (science), Patrizia Venturini (science), Dan Wexler (English).