Ardsley Cares Day 2016

Five years ago the Ardsley Congress of Teachers partnered with the Ardsley Cares Day committee to help support an inspiring day of community service. Ardsley Cares Day is a sub-committee of the PTA that organizes community service events around lower Westchester. Each year over 400 families volunteer their time and donate goods to contribute to this special day.

The ACT has played a vital role by collecting and donating much needed food supplies for the “Meals for the Homeless” event. This year on October 22nd, over 650 meals were packaged and delivered to local shelters. Teachers also volunteered their time to work hand-in-hand with community members at the meals event, clothing drive, sporting equipment drive and many other events throughout the county. Our membership supports the Ardsley community both in and out of the classroom. It is a great example of union members giving back to help others in need. Thank you to the Ardsley Cares Day committee for organizing such a meaningful event.