Ardsley Congress of Teachers (A.C.T.)

Local 1768 NYSUT/AFT

Our Motto: “Building Brighter Futures Together”

The Ardsley Congress of Teachers is a union of over 200 professional educators serving the needs of the Ardsley Union Free School District and its community.  Our objectives are as follows:

  1. To promote the best interests of children and education in the Ardsley School District;
  1. To advance the standards of the teaching profession;
  1. To secure the conditions necessary to the greatest efficiency of the teacher, schools, and school related personnel;
  1. To promote the welfare of its members;
  1. To promote the aims and objectives of the New York State United Teachers and its national affiliate, the American Federation of Teachers;
  1. To promote mutual assistance and cooperation with other organizations with which it is associated;
  1. To eliminate any form of discrimination and any manifestation of prejudice based on sex, creed, race, background, or age on employment retention and promotion of affiliated employees within the district.

The A.C.T. is a member of the New York State United Teachers, the American Federation of Teachers, and is affiliated with the AFL-CIO.